Leather Goods + Luggage.

We specialize in the technical repair and restoration of high quality leather goods, including vintage and designer items.  Authentic leather goods of any variety are always welcome to visit the spa.

Due to the variant nature of handbag repair, we are unable to offer pre-listed pricing.  Listed below are the services we currently offer for leather goods + luggage repair.  Please contact us with any questions or comments.

Located in Calgary, Alberta.

Balenciaga Handbag. Leathergoods Restoration. Leatherwork. Slow Fashion.


EDGE REGLAZING: refine rough, cracked or chipping edge coat.

CONDITION: improve the look and feel by cleaning + moisturizing.

DYING: revive or refresh damaged leather, especially light to dark.

MODIFICATION: change the style or create convertible styles (crossbody).

CUSTOM INSERTS: add structure + protection to softer structures

STRAPS: the areas with the most stress, these can be repaired or replaced.

Does your piece require something I haven't listed?

Looking for something specific or custom?
Let me know what you have in mind!

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Our experience in authenticating handbags spans nearly 2 decades, with professional experience in high-end consignment and luxury auctions.  Over the years, we've compiled some great resources about the world of luxury, leather and all things well crafted.  Visit our 'Luxury Primer' for great resources and fact sheets on history, resale + authenticity.


Calgary, AB. Canada  |  Tel: 1.587.703.2274


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